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大芳 iFAB® 為極致運動系列, 長期與大廠紗商直接配合開發, 靈巧的結合不同性質紗線於布料組織中, 最大化的加強舒適並且增強機能性功能, 包含單向導濕, 快乾, 濕度/溫度平衡, 紫外線防護, 以及回收友善環境。此系列同時也強調友善保護環境以及永續經營減少對環境的污染!
Da Fon launched iFAB® as our ultimate performance sportswear collection. iFAB® cleverly integrates various yarns into versatile structural designs to maximize the comfort and multi-functions, including one-way wicking, quick dry, moisture/temperature balance, UV protection, and recycling in the fabrics. This collection aims to be sustainability and gradually achieve the goal of zero discharge!
iFAB® 系列應用 Application
大芳長期與客人客製開發新款iFAB®科技運動機能面料, 因應各式客人市場需求進而開發使用為極致運動成衣布料, 輕時尚瑜伽彈性布料, 秋冬保溫運動布料, 以及內著用和紡織類配飾布料。
Da Fon has consistently customized iFAB® technical fabric for our customers from various countries. We have our iFAB® applied on extreme sportswear, fashion stretch leggings, thermal sportswear, underwear, and textile accessories.