" Functional Wearing Developer"

We are a Taiwanese functional fabric supplier and are hoping to promote Made in Taiwan technology to provide you the best products! 

Our Beginning

大芳國際開發有限公司於西元1997年成立在台北台灣,擁有資歷豐富的研發團隊,以最專業的技術、最優質的服務、搭配最有競爭力的價格, 提供優質針織面料以及混紡機能性布料, 成功與許多知名品牌及成衣大廠密切合作。
Da Fon International Development Co. Ltd. is established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1997. We were focusing on fashion knitted fabric. As the increasing phenomena of global warming and green fashion, we are specializing in the research, development and the production of knitted fabric and functional blended fabric. 
Today, our products are well sold to various countries in the world, including the US, Europe, and Japan… 



大芳致力達成 Functional Fabric Developer 功能性穿著開發者的理念 。
* 創新 - 致力開發結合不同材料, 結構設計, 以及複高機能性達到時尚創新針織面料
* 質量 - 承諾透過 MADE IN TAIWAN 以在地工藝技術以及開發能力,給您最優質的產品品質以及服務!
* 永續經營 - 創造新方法來重新思考人性以及環境, 對綠色面料生產,  積極減少對環境傷害
Da Fon Fabric over years has always adhered to “Functional Wearing Developer” business purposes. 
* Innovation - Consistently integrate with materials, specification, and functionality to achieve fashion innovative knitted fabrics. 
* Quality - Committed to providing you the best service and quality-driven products through Made in Taiwan’s quality production and our technology. 
* Sustainability -  Created a way which the most considerate of humanity and environment and reduce the harmful impact of waste and emission. 


大芳主要業務以針織布生產為主, 配合擁有 OEKO-TEX 國際認證之工廠來提高生產品質。我司也積極推出三種針對市場業界所需的機能性系料:iHEAT® 保暖系列, iCOOL® 冰涼系列, iFAB® 極限運動以及環境友善材料系列
We are specialized in knitted fabric production and have collaborated with OEKO-TEX  certified dyeing and finishing plants. 


我們是來自台灣機能布生產公司,希望透過 MADE IN TAIWAN 以在地工藝技術,給您最優質的產品品質!
We are a functional fabric developer from Taiwan and are hoping to promote Made in Taiwan technology to provide you the best products! 
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